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  •  Well, the word "where" includes by definition (8+ / 0-)

    location. So in this case, the issue isn't that the sentence ends with a preposition, it's that the "at" simply isn't necessary. It's redundant.

    "Can you tell me where the bathroom is?"  is the correct sentence.

    Another redundancy is reason/because.

    "The reason that Joe Biden is a great veep is because he never forgets is roots." is what  many people say.

    But the more prescriptively correct sentence is:

    The reason that Joe Biden is a great veep is he never forgets is roots."

    There are lots of these in English. "Whether" implies "or not," so most of the time, you can leave that out.

       "Whether (or not) we win depends on GOTV"

    If there were the guy at Harvard (it's a good story; whether it's a urban legend, I don't know), adults shouldn't correct other adults unless they're in an official capacity to do so.  I don't correct people when they speak, except my young nieces and nephews and only when they really botch the language.

    When I meet people at parties and they find out what I used to do for a living (teach English), they can get weird and say "oh, I need to worry how I speak to you." And I tell them, "No. I got paid to do that at the university. I don't do that on my own time for free."

    It loosens them up right away.  And often they  ask about grammar issues that always confused them because they know they aren't being judged.


    © grover

    "Are you going to go to war?" --Vice President Joe Biden to Paul Ryan, VP debate, 10/11/12.

    by grover on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 12:33:13 PM PDT

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