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View Diary: Republicans: Ignore what Paul Ryan said, because Joe Biden laughed (157 comments)

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    Obama gave a subdued, listless but serious debate performance and then something unprecedented happened. Not only did his so called partisan allies in the media pan the performance they actually created a narrative about Obama that was worst then what the Republican spin on Obama's performance was going to be!

     So not only did the left of center media create the debacle narrative, many actually went as far as to ponder whether Obama even wanted the job. Seriously? Four weeks before the biggest election in a generation and that's their storyline? Not that he was tired, or had a lot on his mind? Or just had a bad night, no it's does he even want to be Presdient? Then they turn around surprised that enthusiasm was dampened that the polls shifted and pretend they had nothing to do with it. Can you imagine being under siege with these guys? "I know were surrounded and they aren't taking prisoners but does our General want to win bad enough?" These are the Obama supporters in the media? It's surreal what's happened this past week. I still can't get over how the left media cut Obama's legs out from under him like that.

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