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View Diary: Paul Ryan gets confused on abortion talking points. Because he doesn't believe them. (118 comments)

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  •  here's the worst part about that exchange (7+ / 0-)

    RADDATZ: I want to go back to the abortion question here. If the Romney-Ryan ticket is elected, should those who believe that abortion should remain legal be worried?

    Terrifyingly long pause because he wanted to say his answer that all abortion even in the case of rape, incest or health of the mother will be outlawed but remembered he has to toe the Romney-line-of-the-hour

    RYAN: We don't think that unelected judges should make this decision; that people through their elected representatives in reaching a consensus in society through the democratic process should make this determination.

    Warning: That light at the end of the tunnel just might be an oncoming train.

    by history first on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 09:26:52 AM PDT

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