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  •  This was a real gotcha moment (13+ / 0-)
    RYAN: Crony capitalism and corporate welfare.

    BIDEN: ... runs an investigative committee, spent months and
    months and months going into this.

    RYAN: This is the - this is the inspector general.

    BIDEN: Months and months. They found no evidence of cronyism.

    And I love my friend here. I - I'm not allowed to show letters
    but go on our website, he sent me two letters saying, "By the way, can
    you send me some stimulus money for companies here in the state of
    Wisconsin?" We sent millions of dollars. You know...


    RADDATZ: You did ask for stimulus money, correct?

    BIDEN: Sure he did. By the way...

    RYAN: On two occasions we - we - we advocated for constituents
    who were applying for grants. That's what we do. We do that for all
    constituents who are...

    BIDEN: I love that. I love that. This was such a bad program
    and he writes me a letter saying - writes the Department of Energy a
    letter saying, "The reason we need this stimulus, it will create
    growth and jobs." His words.
    And now he's sitting here looking at

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