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View Diary: CLASSY! FL GOP group publishes image of Ambassador's corpse in Obama attack ad (58 comments)

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  •  20-25% LGB will vote Republican (10+ / 0-)

    My question for at least 3 election cycles now is:  WHY???

    I have one in my immediate family.   A young, gay guy.  He's not tea-party radical, but very firmly in the indoctrinated-by-Fox-Noise demographic.   Good-university educated.   Good job.  Beautiful home.

    But, uhhhhh....when I asked him last year WHY he would possibly support the GOP, "they hate people like you!", he seemed confused by that assertion.

    "No they don't," he replied.  "Why do you think that?"

    Seriously.  When he said that, I felt like Obama listening to Romney deny his plan for tax-cuts for the rich.  Say WHUUUT??

    " about the fact that Republicans in Congress have said that same-sex-oriented people are about one step up from bestiality??  Just for starters..."

    He just couldn't believe it.  Instead, he pivoted (as every Faux Noise acolyte does) to:  "Obama promised to do away with DADT.  He hasn't!  So..." blah blah blah, the usual party line.

    I haven't talked politics with him since the President did, indeed, push to do away with DADT.   But to this day I just do not understand HOW LGB folks could be Republicans.   I just don't... :\

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