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View Diary: Forget Boxing, the 2012 Election is More Like Professional Wrestling (62 comments)

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    Completely. We're electing a President, not changing the structure of Government itself. I think the two get remarkably confused at times. I don't think we can accomplish the kinds of reforms that many radicals (myself included) would dream about through any election; we can, however, accomplish good reforms that are incremental and thus worth getting ourselves to the ballot box for.

    I like President Obama. I think, as a person, he's a Leftist. As a President, I don't think he's been allowed to be nearly as Left as he is. If you, or I, were in his position, I'm not sure if either of our records would look so different, to be honest. That's the entire Governmental system with all the money involved in it, the structures of power invested, the MIC, the PIC, the lobbyists, and having to work in a bipartisan fashion with some people who are outright bigots, that system is going to hamstring anyone. It doesn't mean the hamstrung individual is a poor candidate per se. It means that they're working in a fucked-up system with its own vested interests which are dissimilar from their own.

    I think Barack has a lot of his mother in him. I really appreciate the guy, his writing, his stuff from college, and his more radical moments which come through: the overturn of DADT, the strong support of immigrants, the attempts to shift away from private deportation facilities, a non-hawkish approach (for someone appointed to be "the hawk"), non-military intervention into Syria right now, or Iran before, and support for women's reproductive health. Off the top of my head, I appreciate these things and feel we're in good hands, even if they're reaching through the miasma of lobbyists and bad politicians and dysfunctional Capitalisms.

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