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View Diary: Forget Boxing, the 2012 Election is More Like Professional Wrestling (62 comments)

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  •  dude, this is a comment section on the daily kos (0+ / 0-)

    do your own work, look up some of those concepts, and let it go. this is not a seminar or a conference.

    you have demonstrated that because you have expertise in one area that you ought to be catered to in another. i gave you some info, some big ideas, and concepts.  you can choose to proceed or not.

    if you feel that both parties are not institutional parts of the gov't as opposed to being change agents, and there are not broad areas of overlap regarding consensus on the big questions regarding the economy, foreign policy, and corporate power in this country, i don't know what to tell you. yes, there is party polarization--very much if voting scores in congress are examined. my point here, is despite the areas of apparent difference how much of this is all smoke and mirrors to distract folks from the bigger game, those settled issues, that are not going to be discussed by either group?

    that is the whole point of the theme i presented here.

    "I am however very well informed both in general on this in specific."

    You prove my point about having expertise in basket weaving 101 and thinking it applies to painting 101 or even 202.

    Whenever someone says they are well-informed about matters general and specific i get really nervous. Ignorance is salvation; humility can lead to growth. I have expertise on one narrow area. That is it. I am not made insecure by that fact. If you want to write a post about the hard sciences and your narrow area of expertise I will read and learn.

    What do your comments about being "well-informed" reveal about your own inadequacies? Just a self-reflective thought.

    •  I am going to respond only here (0+ / 0-)

      and only one last time as you have proven to be uninterested in actual conversation and instead want to cram your ideas down my throat and when I baulk because you've not really shown anything or offered any real proof you really are what you claim.

      1. I misrepresented nothing, if you choose to assume I was some tenured professor that's on you. What I said applies regardless of your assumptions. Though personally I find it interesting you've chosen to become even more rude, insulting and arrogant now that your assumptions have been corrected. And in point of fact I never called myself an expert at anything partly because I  still have far to go but mostly because it's my opinion that 'expert' is not something you give yourself, it's a title given, a title earned. And you have done absolutely nothing in this exchange to earn being called an expert. I don't know you from a hole in the ground and frankly right now I feel more inclind to be charitable about said hole then you. Just think about that and how badly this exchange has gone because of the choices you have made. I'm always willing to listen to someone that proves themself worth listening to, your failure to do so is on you and you alone.

      2. As I said and you ignored I've talked to actual experts on Political Science, they make you look like a joke simply because they not only can back up everything they say but they will. Which is something you've refused to do. That you won't, that you ignore when it suits you the fact that the majority of the time the majority of the community is no more or less formally educated on a topic then I am and yet still add their own opinion. Well to me that's utter hypocristy  to then turn around  and act like being honest about my limits is a bad thing. Especially when you've yet to do the same thing.

      3 Lastly, your pompous attitude is absurd and so far unearned, maybe if you ever understand that  we can talk again but as it is I can say right now we could never interact again and it would be entirely too soon. You have utterly poisoned this exchange and then in feigning that you haven't as if I am stupid you poisoned it further. I've met a few people like you among my interactions in life, older people convinced 'them whipper snappers don't know a single thing' so congrats I suppose. Maybe you should start mixing in a couple 'get off my lawn' quips while you are at it.

      I willl not be responding to anything you write so please insult me some more if you wish, make some more 'subtle' comments about me lying when I haven't or go ahead and make one more comment that reinforces every single negative perception I have about you in your rather vain attempt to not only be right but to be that 'expert' you seem so desperate to be.

      And yes I am angry so feel free to throw in emotional a couple more times never mind your behavior or how much of an utter jerk you've been

      •  you are fun! more than TV! you don't want (0+ / 0-)

        to play anymore?

        "And yes I am angry so feel free to throw in emotional a couple more times never mind your behavior or how much of an utter jerk you've been"

        do you need a hug? i could care less about your feelings or silliness like calling someone a "jerk" because they won't go along with your program.

        i tried to give you advice. it is normal in one's emotional and intellectual development at your stage, i.e. just graduating college, to overstate your chops. much of growing older and wiser is realizing what you do not know, finding comfort in it, and also realizing when you are dealing with someone who has more expertise than you on a given subject.

        it ain't personal. there is no shame in it. you can deny that obvious fact at your own peril. there is a definite reality to the Facebook helicopter millennial generation and the particular challenges they face in realizing that their opinions are not substitutes for hard work, research, empirical rigor, and dues paying.

        as i said, do a little work with your Google friend and you may be surprised.

        back to listening to the director's commentary on Prometheus. Did you enjoy that movie?

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