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  •  challenging format of the two remaining debates (3+ / 1-)
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    A townhall debate makes it hard to "take the fight to Romney".  It's all about engaging and connecting with the voters,  and using that time to attack Romney looks like you're more interested in playing politics than engaging real people.  Obama can use that time to talk about his record and put forth a positive vision, but so can Romney.

    In the FP debate Obama can take fight to Romney, much like Biden took it to Ryan last night,  but this election is about domestic issues. I'm not sure how much ground  Obama can make up there, although, if he can force Romney into sabre rattling and spouting gibberish, it might help.

    •  Agree; why was this HR? (2+ / 0-)
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      jeff in nyc, eglantine

      Obama MUST present a specific, positive domestic agenda for his second term in his answers to economic questions in the town hall debate. The best way to attack Romney will be if and when social questions come up - that's the clearest distinction between the parties, and that's where Obama can really tie Romney to the unpopular right-wing agenda.

      If he gets a closing statement, that's when Obama should time up all the falsehoods of Romney into one theme: 'He'll say anything', 'Don't believe him', 'Wants to take us backwards'.

      For the FP debate, the most important question will probably be about what to do with Iran. Obama should portray him as a warmonger - lies about WMD in Iraq can tie into Romney's penchant for lying. Heck, Ryan knotted things up yesterday, trying to tie himself to Obama's policy. Draw the distinction!

      •  probably because somebody found it too negative (0+ / 0-)

        I didn't mean it to be negative, I was just rambling about the challenges Obama has in the last two debates. (And, no, he cannot replicate Biden's performance last night in a townhall-style "debate".)

        might also be because I tend to lurk and reappear around election time so regulars might think of me as a troll or something (despite being around  8+ years).

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