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  •  You were not alone, my friend, either time. We (3+ / 0-)
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    CanyonWren, BayAreaKen, Philly526

    are living in a great historical time. When my daughter in Brooklyn took my then 4-year-old grand daughter with her to the polls, she told little Lucy that she was helping mommie pull the voting lever for the first African-American President of the United States.

    While they waited in a long line, finally getting inside the building with about 6 voters ahead of them, a very old AA man came in, walking a little stooped with a cane. My daughter convinced all the other voters ahead and behind to let the old gentleman vote before them.

    He said thanks and entered the booth. He was only inside for a short time, perhaps only voting in a couple of races. He opened the curtain, stopping for a moment, then straightend and held his cane over his head, looking up, saying, "yes, yes, yes."

    I hope my grand daughter remembers some of it. I hope she remembers the old man who had waited all of his life for this. I hope she remembers.

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