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View Diary: "Study it Out": Woman Calls Barack Obama a Communist, Looks like a Fool on National TV (285 comments)

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  •  Matthews let her off too easily. (5+ / 0-)

    He shouldn't have tortured her, necessarily, but if I had been him, I would have asked her more questions, like:

    1. Am I a communist, too?
    2. Is Romney a communist?
    3. Was Jesus a communist?
    4. Do you watch Fox News very often?
    5. If somebody is a communist, and they don't know it, how can they tell?  
    6. If somebody discovers that they are a communist (see question 5) how can they stop being a communist?
    7. Ayn Rand was an atheist from Russia who hated Ronald Reagan.  Was she a communist?
    8. Can small children be communists, too?  
    9. If you had to choose between saving the life of a small child who was a communist, (but didn't yet know it) or being late for work, which would you choose?

    You can just keep going like that.  It would have been so fun.

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