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  •  I've wondered about this (5+ / 0-)

    Had Obama brought up the 47% remarks in the debate, Romney surely would have had some sort of canned response to it. Of course it wouldn't necessarily have been a good one. Obama was probably advised not to bring it up because A. It would be an obvious move and Romney would be cued to go into his spin. B. It may seem petty to bring it up again after everyone already heard about it (and if they hadn't, nothing substitutes seeing the video). C. It would be better to keep his hand clean and have the moderator bring it up. Well we now know that Lehrer was determined not to bring it up himself, and on that basis B. might have been weighed a little heavier in Obama's mind (i.e. it would look desperate of him to bring it up out of nowhere late in the debate), and there was still A.

    With Biden the rules were a little different, because even though there's again no substitution to actually showing the tape to anyone who didn't hear or didn't understand that he said exactly what he meant, Ryan was also in a bit of a weakness defending it, because Romney wasn't there defending himself.

    All of which makes me wonder if Obama is going to bring it up in the second, or roll the dice for Crowley or one of the questioners to fire.

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