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View Diary: Obama salutes success story of auto industry recovery in weekly address (24 comments)

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  •  Prez Has to Be Obama-One-Note on This Issue (4+ / 0-)
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    From now until November 6, Obama and Biden must sing this tune at the top of their lungs from Scranton to Oshkosh as Matthews would say.  GM announced last week they will add 2,000 jobs in Michigan alone, but Big O - or Joe - has said nothing of it this week.  Joe was in my town yesterday - La Crosse, Wisconsin - and did not utter the words "General Motors".  

    Americans love cars.  Cars are in the culture and in the blood.  Obama can shove this issue up Romney's butt 24/7 and all Willard can do is squirm.  

    Leo Durocher said, "Nice guys finish last".  He was right.  Obama has to take the gloves off and get into the ring, or he will be the nice guy who finishes last.

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