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View Diary: Nate is WRONG! Today is certainly NOT Romney's Best Day Ever (109 comments)

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  •  Pollovian (pavlov dog reflex) (0+ / 0-)

    I'm 61. Obi Wan Kenobi might say;
    "Become one with a thick skin or maybe tatooey!"
    I like Nate, followed him until he went to the NY Times. Then NY Times wants a person to subscribe at a cost equal to an ISP. I don't think so. I hear there's ways around but NY Times isn't what it used to be. Their obits have become blasea. Completely out of time sequence their news. It bothers me that to get instant newspaper news I have to go to the BBC. Maureen Odoud has blown more than a few fuses. NY Times needs a makeover.
    I digress…
    The absurdity that a poll of a thousand reflects this vast nation. It's absurd. Always has been.
    It has been the mindwash of the media now controlled by the 1%, for as long as I've known.
    Nate took em on by compiling. I give him credit.
    If this isn't predictable, I don't know what is?
    My take with a grain of salt is polls can not factor in the stone that starts a landslide. I.e. OCCUPY changing the dialogue & taking the masks off of the 1%. We would be in an entire different election without that stone.
    I'm not worried, though because GAALOOP has ripped us sooo many times in the past, it does give me that Pollovian mind shit, but I trust the younger generation to pull us through. (That's a plug :) & not a land mind :) I also meditate: become one with a thick skin…
    The other thing is reality biased TV in their twilight zone insanity of "The idol polls are soooo clean," yea right, not going to change to working with the internet, thoinks they are in the Media WAR of WARS. They are, we're not. Time changes all.
    Peace & Love
    Nothing can down my optimism. I'm 61 & I'm stoked. GOTV!
    P.S. I think the MANY polls are GOOGLIEE

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