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  •  Dear 600,547 registered users on dKos now. (13+ / 0-)

    600,547 registered users on dKos should be paying a price of admission here. . . .  .

    How's about writing 600,547 letters and e-mails to the media pointing out that in that secret tape to $50,000 a plate donors....Romney said sure he'd take advantage of any overseas crisis if it advances his campaign.

    Find quotations here:

    Romney Said He'd Take Advantage Of Iran Hostage-Like “Opportunity”
    Mitt Romney was asked at his May 17 Florida fundraiser — the subject of a now-ubiquitous leaked video — how he could "duplicate" the 1980 hostage crisis scenario, credited with defeating Jimmy Carter.

    In response, the presidential candidate said: "I mean, if something of that nature presents itself I will work to find a way to take advantage of the opportunity."

    emphasis is mine and worth outrage!

    I think the word ACTION appears as part of Daily Kos's standard front page?

    Media Contact Info and Helpful Hints:

    •  Good luck. (0+ / 0-)

      Ryan expanded that thought. They'd get the Ayatollahs to change their minds.

    •  Excellent, I commented on this hoping that.. (0+ / 0-)

      ..this stark admission/promise by Romney to pander for political gain and is clearly a priority (not the lives invovled), would hit the main stream. stake:

      Romney: Taking advantage of an opportunity planned back in May at Marc Leders Fund-raiser

      Here was the question asked of Romney:
      One of the big money donors at Marc Leders fund-raiser asked Romney about the Iran hostage crisis referring to analysis at the time that it helped Reagan beat Jimmy Carter; 'How would you [Romney] demonstrate similar strength?'

      Romney: "In the Jimmy Carter election the.. the fact that we had hostages Iran. I mean that was all we talked about. And we had the two helicopters crash in the desert. I mean that..that was ..that was the focus.
      And so him [Reagan] solving that made all the difference in the world.
      I'm afraid today if you simply got Iran to agree to stand down on their nuclear weapon they'd know, hold on.
      It's know, but..but by the way, if something of that nature presents itself, I..I will work to find a way to take advantage of that opportunity."
      Here is Romney taking advantage of that opportunity on Sept. 11 2012 - 10:10 PM ET:
      "I'm outraged by the attack on Amerian diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi.
      It's disgraceful that the Obama administration first response was not to condemn the attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attack."
      Hope this makes into the up-coming debate !

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