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  •  Biden laid some pretty solid groundwork (9+ / 0-)

    for Obama. He got people's attention. That debate can be capitalized on right up to the next debate. It should be used every day to drive home the narrative that these guys have an empty philosophy without a blueprint. That alone would give President Obama the edge going in to this. This week is going to be nerve wracking .

    •  Obama should attack Romney on the inability of (5+ / 0-)

      Republicans to govern when they start touting bipartisanship as their plan in the debate.  Mitch M said their objective througout Obama's entire term was to defeat Obama rather than govern.  And just saying no isn't governing.  They wouldn't know bipartisanship if it flew into their mouths and they swallowed it.

      And I keep wondering when someone is going to point out that these rich guys have enjoyed a Bush tax cut for years.  Where are the jobs they have created?  If they could and did create so many jobs due to the tax break they enjoyed, why are we in this mess they claim we are still in?  Did they not have some obligation to help the economy during both Bush's and Obama's term?  No, like Romney, they are sitting on piles of dough stashed outside the U.S., and giving it to charity rather than creating new and lasting jobs and letting those with the jobs give to charity.  Romney just wanted the tax deduction.  If they cared about this country?  Yes, it points to their inability to govern in both the Executive and the Legislative branches ...  Why should anyone think those rich guys will create any more jobs now?  The proof is in what they have done ...  nothing.

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