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    A Charity may be endowed with some kind of legal tax-exempt status by the I.R.S., but the I.R.S. cannot make a Charity charitable.  Charity always demands a tax being extracted from the charitable individual (although obviously not necessarily a tax paid to a government).  Paying the obligatory tithe of the LDS may or may not be charity, but creating a non-profit to pursue your hobbies, or to finance your great-great-great-grandchildren's education, is hardly charitable whatever the vehicle's tax exemption status: it is a practical scheme to cheat the government.  
    In fact, one must know what the 30% of Romney-given income given to "charity" consists of to know W. Mitt as a human being.  Because if anything defines Mr. Romney as a man it is tax codes, American, Luxembourgeois, Bermudan, etc.  This is a man who is both about tax law (how to grow very rich by doing end runs around the tax code) and running for office on a new tax code scheme that will revolutionize economics and mathematics.  Was any of Mitt's charity charitable?  Was all of it just Mormon stuff?  Was any of it designed to do good in the world to those in need but in no way like Romney?  Or are we back in tax haven heaven with magic moves designed to legally reduce exposure to the obligations of citizenship.
    We should know these things.  Bill Gates, for example, is giving money to charities that are helping Others and would have no difficulty tracing the cash flow of his giving.  What about Mitt?  It seems to me his released tax data is very obscure, incomplete, and designed to obfuscate.  If we can't figure out the 100%, how the hell can we find 30%?

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