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  •  Not to rechew that cud, but (10+ / 0-)

    it's at least partly because Dems are so quick to embrace reality.

    We pride ourselves on facts and in being adults. But in this case, it was damaging for the Prez's team and our Dem surrogates to immediately admit that the Prez had lost, when strong post-debate resistance could have done a lot to salvage what was possible.

    Post-debate spin, like any good marketing effort, has a great deal to do with shaping reality. It's exactly how Sighing Gore was perceived to have lost D1 to the Usurper, when the immediate sense that VP had won was supplanted by spin about his sighing.

    I expected that the Prez's team would have learned something in 12 years and would have had their reaction and contingencies mapped out for weeks. I do expect that we'll get better, and believe that we will. We have to.

    We must use what we have
    to build what we need. -Adrienne Rich

    by Xapulin on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 07:54:40 PM PDT

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    •  The downside of (2+ / 0-)
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      Xapulin, AuroraDawn

      being part of the reality-based community.

    •  I was pretty angry about the debate (11+ / 0-)

      but I found Mitt Romney far more odious than the President.  About Obama I thought, "Wow, he's really going all in on the nice." But more than that I thought, "Damn, Mitt Romney is just saying whatever seems best for him from moment to moment with no regard for anything he's claimed in the past."  That was the guy that pissed me off.  

      And I also know that Obama didn't start the night with a debate strategy but a three debate strategy.  And I'm not convinced they didn't have an inkling of how it would play out.  I've been supporting him since he first came to Iowa in 07 and he's surprised me more than any other candidate I've ever known in terms of having a handle on how things are likely to play out.   Or at least finding ways to take advantage of apparently bad situations.  

      Basically, If there was anyone up there I'd give some benefit of the doubt to it's Barack Obama, not Mitt Romney.  One lied like crazy in the first of three debates, one stuck to an extremely laid back, polite, even surprisingly passive posture in the first of three debates.  And then came out and piled onto and amplified the Great Defeat Narrative by admitting his fault, saying essentially, "Gosh I should have been more forceful about my opponents lies."  

      And that's actually the conventional wisdom of the debate.  Not that Romney won because he showed he was right on any issues.  But just that Obama lost because he didn't handle Romney's slipperiness.  

      The campaign fed into articles about how the too polite, poor debater is going to have to go to 'debate school' as he tries to learn how to debate such a formidable opponent as Mitt Romney.  

      How quickly we forget how Obama sometimes gets 'backed into a corner.'  Remember during the Wright 'scandal' when he gave that incredible speech to a captivated public at the height of the campaign?  Like Colbert said (paraphrasing)  "He got backed into a corner... in front of seven American flags with a microphone on national television."  

      Being in charge after the last debate is what counts.

      by Sun dog on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 10:23:30 PM PDT

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