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View Diary: "Fired" "Consultant" Nathan Sproul apparently still working for RNC (Updated X3 - tied to Rove?) (67 comments)

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  •  Am I the only 1 surprised he was "fired" so quick? (14+ / 0-)

     It really set off the alarm bells for me that as soon as the allegations against Sproul and Strategic Allied Consulting emerged, the RNC IMMEDIATELY "fired" them.  

        The RNC did this despite the fact that the election is only weeks away, and obviously, they really need Sproul's services with the election being so close.

         They did this despite the fact that they could have just ridden out the controversy, with phrases like "a few bad apples," "innocent until proven guilty,"  and,"we had no knowledge."  With only a few weeks to go before the election, it seems utterly impractical to fire a firm that is providing such an essential service.  It would make much more sense to ride things out at least until the election is over, and I don't even think the RNC could really be faulted for doing so.  After all, their services are essential, and it's just too late to find a replacement firm before the election.  It's like being in the middle of an ongoing citywide riot, learning that a few police officers engaged in brutality, and then responding by immediately firing the ENTIRE police force, while the riots are still going on.  It makes no sense, if it really is a case of "a few bad apples."

        And yet, the RNC chose to take IMMEDIATE action to severe ties with Strategic Allied Consulting, at least publicly, at the height of the election season.  To me that suggests that the RNC KNEW what was going on, and therefore KNEW that they had to disavow it BEFORE people started asking, "How much did the RNC know, and when did they know it?"  By severing ties so hastily, it strikes me as an attempt by the RNC to appear innocent that only makes them look more guilty.  Methinks they doth protest TOO SOON.

         Or is it just me?

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