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  •  It's clear in the Jezebel articles (0+ / 0-)
    will Redditors want to take photos of unsuspecting girls and women if they know they might actually face IRL repercussions, regardless of whether they've committed a criminal offense?
    I want to make sure that the people around these men know what they're doing so they can reap social, professional, or legal consequences, and possibly save women from future sexual assault. These men are dangerous.
    Regardless of whether these reddit users were doing something illegal, "Samantha", Chen and others at Gawker and in Project Panda  want these people who have been doxxed to be stalked, harassed, bullied and assaulted.

    Rewarding Chen and Gawker with more links and traffic is irresponsible. Supposedly 'Samantha' reported some of this content, much of which was not even pornographic to various "authorities" including schools and employers. Not getting satisfaction - perhaps because few if any of these people (with one spectacular exception) were doing what Samantha imagined they necessarily must be doing - they are rapists, or future rapists - she is inviting the largest number of people to do exactly what high school peers of that girl who just killed herself after leaving a chilling youtube video did - to bully, stalk, and assault.

    Not progressive, not lawful, not feminist... just more mob mentality, like what "Innocence of Muslims" was designed to provoke, this is the same spirit.

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