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View Diary: Bill Maher rips Focus on the Family for being so, so wrong all the time (82 comments)

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  •  Before we crown Bill Maher (3+ / 0-)
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    as some type of truth teller (in as much as what he said regarding Focus on the Family is easily available to anyone with the initiative to do the research online), on last night's show, while concluding his interview with Ann Coulter (wtf?  why give this windbag yet another platform), he also stated (something to the effect) that if he had to watch MSNBC all day, he would join the Tea Party (honestly, I can't think of any network or channel that I wld watch all day)....But, if the programming on one network is enough to convince you to change your views, I question your conviction to begin with...Moreover, I don't have a problem (seriously) with people who have a different viewpoint than my own, but that opposing viewpoint should be based on empirical evidence, facts, logic, not fear, hatred and xenophobia (i.e., Coulter).  What honestly does she add to public discourse?

    Watching Maher for more than 5 minutes is enough to make we want to vomit.

    •  Here's the answer.... (2+ / 0-)

      Bill Maher is a true Independent and always keeps an open mind but he's not one who is afraid to criticize even people like Obama whom he supports for re-election.  At times I may disagree with him but I genuinely think he's authentic.

      The reason why he always brings Ann Coulter on is because unlike MSNBC, he actually challenges those in the GOP and the far right on regular debates.  Hardly any GOP people appear on MSNBC, except maybe Steve Schmidt and Michael Steele who serve as the more reasonable type of Republican spokespeople.  Yes, Maher and Coulter get along but Maher is no hypocrite.  He actually challenges Coulter regularly and isn't afraid to fire back hard.  Here's an example:

      Here's another thing you may not realize:  Bill Maher DOES actually read and look into facts, more so than the average person.  He has been the only frickin person in the world who seems to be able to explain why President Obama could not close Gitmo (even though one of Obama's first executive orders was to close the prison)!  Not a single Democrat so far has been able to come forward in doing so, at least not to my recollection.

      •  You Raise Some Good (0+ / 0-)

        Pts, but I stick to my original positions---arguing (or, even having a discussion with) someone like Ann Coulter would be like wasting oxygen.  I don't argue with people with whom I cannot have an actual discussion or learn something from...The fact that many members of the GOP don't go on MSNBC is (I am sure) a decision made on the part of those individuals and not the network.  I am neither an Obama nor a MSNBC cheerleader per se...I support both, but have absolutely no problem criticizing either.  And I am well aware of who Maher is, I just don't always agree with him.

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