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View Diary: UPDATE: Even More on Bain Moving Sensata to China (171 comments)

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  •  Ethics (or lack thereof) for Romney is...... (5+ / 0-)

    "I can do whatever I can do to get rich under the law"

    Republicans frequently conflate ethics with abiding by the law. Sometimes that is not even true, as they trash the laws and find loopholes around.

    "It wasn't illegal so my act was ethical" is the bullshit espoused by the right-  As if any other stakeholder, (i.e
    workers, customers, communities, or the environment ) does not matter as long as they maintain the pursuit of profits.

    I on the other have found a nice ethical framework to live by.

    Ask yourself, when you make a decision......
    Would you be okay with your actions being on the front page of the newspaper?

    You'll notice a certain Romney guy hiding a lot of stuff....

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