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View Diary: Rolling Stone Magazine Exposes how Mitt Romney Dodged his Taxes (252 comments)

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  •  Speaking of looking, check out Mitt's Blind Trust (4+ / 0-)

    Mitt's Blind Trust (to the meter of 3 blind mice)

    Mitt's blind trust
        see how it grows
    Its being fed
        by heaven only knows
    normal people like you and I
    working three jobs just to try and get by
    While Mitten's fine millions are hanging to dry
    in Mitt's blind trust

    Mitt's blind trust
        my how it grows
    no matter who's in charge
        it never seems to slow
    companies go into bankruptcy
    Mitt just say's that its OK by me
    'cause all that they are is an entity
    in Mitt's blind trust

    Mitt's blind trust
        tied up in bows
    he's cleaning up   
        his earnings never close
    He wakes up each morning to find he's made more
    than two years of wages for scrubbing his floors
    he's hoarding his money behind the locked doors   
    in Mitt's blind trust

    Mitt's blind trust   
        who could complain?   
    the guy that runs his trust
        is running his campaign
    behind the curtains he's pulling the strings
    deftly outrunning the masses he thinks
    and hoping that no one will notice the stink
    from… Mitt's Blind Trust.
    Copyright 2012
    I invite any kosacks with musical ability to make a recording or anyone can offer additional verses. Thanks for looking. Let's bury this guy in the next two weeks.

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