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View Diary: Debate Chess: The Romney From Debate I Won't Be At Debate II. (233 comments)

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  •  Only way to counter Romney's empathy gambit is (9+ / 0-)

    to get angry.  Not as a "black man" but as an American who has no patience for liars and poseurs.  

    POTUS should demand that Romney apologize to the American people for having pioneered outsourcing at Bain and for all the damage he set in motion in the American economy.  He should point out that the Bain business model, which Romney still profits from, raises a deep question about morality:  is it moral to make money from slashing thousands of people's jobs and from trying to wring the last cent of profit out of a business, even if it's legal to do so?  Is that MORAL?

    That's one more thing to add to my long list of small problems. --my son, age 10

    by concernedamerican on Sun Oct 14, 2012 at 06:07:56 AM PDT

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