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  •  Romney doesn't owe you anything, YOU owe Romney. (2+ / 0-)
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    Mitt Romney doesn’t have to show you his tax returns, you don’t need to know where his investments were or what country they rested in. You don’t need to know how much he paid, how much he didn’t pay, or if he avoided paying them illegally.  Mitt Romney doesn’t owe you a thing, you owe Mitt Romney your trust.

    Romney doesn't have to explain how he profits from jobs being sent to China at this very moment.  He doesn't owe you an explanation of how he got rich or how he stayed rich.  He doesn't owe America anything. America owes him.

    Romney doesn't have to tell you how he's going to replace the Affordable Care Act, or how he's going to create jobs, or how his tax cuts work.  He doesn't owe you an explanation.  He isn't required to explain.  You owe him your trust and your vote.  

    If I were Obama I'd be pounding this home.  He wants to talk about one feels more entitled than Governor Romney.  He will break every rule and do whatever he feels necessary to get to the office of the president, and remember, he doesn't owe you anything.  

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