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    That's right Romney will have all the answers to the questions about how he is going to pay for all his tax cuts and giveaways to the rich.  

    Mitt, how will you pay for that tax cut for everyone?

    Here is how I'll do it.  Clear concise numbers that the administration will only be able to discredit AFTER the debate, by then the damage is done.

    Here are the loopholes I will cut.  Blah Blah Blah.  Again well thought out loopholes that The President better be prepared with a response for.  Loopholes that we have or haven't thought of, except the middle class mortgage one.

    Romney has the advantage now of being able to drag in every complicated scenario to pay for anything and O just has to be smart enough to challenge every number.  Or else the damage is done.  And he is left the day after with discrediting the numbers on the road.  

    Will these numbers add up right?....So long as the president can't challenge them immediately, who cares!

    I think The President needs to be prepared to challenge Romney on every number he throws out.  Romney can no longer get away with, "Here are the cuts and I'm not saying how I will pay for them." He'll have an answer...The President just needs to be prepared with an answer.

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