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  •  I'm working myself into a tizzy.... Last Thursday, (9+ / 0-)

    one of my fellow contract workers told us that the senior manager told him that the team lead wants to /will talk to us about hours.  Apparently, he didn't elaborate on any details, or we would know now.  So, we're left with speculation.  We do know that another division of the company has laid off 200 contract workers and that division's engineers will be told to take a week furlough in November.  That opens up a whole world of speculation.

    I think it could be one of three things:
    1) we're allowed to work only 32 hours a week instead of the 'normal' 40.

    2) we're to sign a document stating that we will have a project complete and ready for installation on x date, come hell or high water (part a - they'll be paying overtime)

    or 3) number 2 and they'll not be paying overtime, but expecting us to put in x hours extra a week without extra pay.

    On the working overtime without overtime pay.... bullshit.  They decided that this project wasn't worthy of investing in full time (permanent) employees, but to lowly hourly paid 'professionals', they can take that and shove it up where the sun doesn't shine.  Y'all decided to pay us by the hour, you'll pay us for the actual hours worked.  We both know that there's no way in hell that you're going to find someone else that is up to speed on the system as we are and be able to meet your insane deadlines.  You can dismiss me.... I can and will survive - y'all made us mercenaries.

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