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View Diary: Four Newspapers (including two former McCain endorsers) Endorse President Obama - Updated X2 (101 comments)

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  •  The St. Louis Dispatch endorsed BO last week (0+ / 0-)

    I know St. Louis is less reactionary than the rest of Missouri, but I still found some of this stunning, especially in "the heartland":

    Editorial: Obama for president: A second term for a serious man

    Mr. Obama sees an America where the common good is as important as the individual good. That is the vision on which the nation was founded. It is the vision that has seen America through its darkest days and illuminated its best days. It is the vision that underlies the president's greatest achievement, the Affordable Care Act. Twenty years from now, it will be hard to find anyone who remembers being opposed to Obamacare.
    To expect Barack Obama to have repaired, in four years, what took 30 years to undermine, is simply absurd. He might have gotten further had he not been saddled with an opposition party, funded by plutocrats, that sneers at the word compromise. But even if Mr. Obama had had Franklin Roosevelt's majorities, the economy would still be in peril.
    Mr. Romney apparently will say anything that will help him win an election. As a president, he might well govern as a pragmatic chief executive, or he might sell himself to the plutocrats and the crazies who have taken over his party. He is asking Americans to take a lot on faith — there's nothing to see in his tax returns; he can cut taxes and whack away debt while trimming deductions he will not specify.

    Mr. Romney's business career is the only way to judge his foundational beliefs: He did not run a company that built things and created jobs and strong communities. He became fabulously wealthy by loading up companies with tax-deductible debt, taking millions out up front along with big management fees. Some companies were saved. Others went bankrupt. Mr. Romney's firm always got out before the bills came due, either in lost jobs, bankruptcies or both.

    If the nation's most pressing issue is debt, why elect a president whose entire business career was based on loading up companies with debt? (all emphasis is mine)

    I'd love to quote the entire piece, but some takeaways:

    - The title grabs your attention. When the paper refers to the President as a "serious man," it implies that his opponent is, well, not.

    - Singing the praises of Obamacare!

    - Repeated use of the word "plutocrats." This is a mainstream paper, not given to DFH-speak. That's a strong term to use in the midwest!

    - Tearing down the myth of Mitt's business "expertise." He can call himself a "successful businessman" if he wants, but I think many Missourans would agree with me that a successful business is one that, you know, stays in business. Just sayin'...

    I believe that government has a positive role to play in people's lives. That's why I'm a Democrat.

    by 1BQ on Mon Oct 15, 2012 at 01:00:15 AM PDT

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