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View Diary: Amb. Steven's Father Tells Romney to Shut the F'ck Up (136 comments)

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  •  FBI agent John O'Neil tried to warm everyone (0+ / 0-)

    that the WTC would be attacked again. He was on the trail of some terrorists who blew a hole in the USS Cole when things got very political in the FBI and he got yanked off the case. He eventually quite and went to work at the WTC to work in security where he died on 9/11.

    PBS had a story about this , "The Man Who Knew".
    Clinton was on his way out of office at the time and Richard Clarke tried to give this more attention but he was CIA. He met O'Neil and agreed this deserved more attention than it was getting. When the Bush Administration took over , they no longer gave this the priority it deserved. They had other things on their mind--like how to start a war with Iraq to capture the rich oil fields.

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