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  •  Yes, I've been away too for this reason. (2+ / 0-)
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    Just Bob, SallyCat

    Half of the time the site has been "improved," it has just become more fragmented or harder to use.

    One positive improvement is that I can now access & use kos with almost any browser, on a 10 year old Mac.

    The biggest downsides, for me, were when advertising began to feature right wing candidates and causes, and when ads running flash crashed the site or slowed it down.

    The thing I miss the most is the way the diaries used to be "where the action is."  All readers were on the front page, but now, the readers are all over the place, so there is less interactivity.

    I used to be familiar with dozens of kossacks, but now I only recognize a few user names.  I guess it's less personal now.

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