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  •  I have complete empathy (3+ / 0-)
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    MichaelNY, cotterperson, Wee Mama

    I do application development for a living.  There are so many moving parts to something like this site that average folks may not be readily aware of.  Thousands of users with tremendous numbers of permutations of hardware, software, patch and update statuses, mobile devices. . . .the list goes on.

    Yes changes like this can be annoying.  Just yesterday I figured out why I kept getting a security certificate error on my Blackberry (!) while loading the site.  Simply switching to "device-side TLS" solved the problem.  My strategy is to try to be patient and ready to adapt.

    In my experience, things like this go much better when communication and user education are appropriate.  This is where we should focus.  Something like this surely rates a front page article or at minimum a recurring blurb in the Open Threads (preferably written by Hunter).  We all know Romney/Ryan are liars.  One less example of that to the benefit of communicating to us would probably be OK.

    "The bass player is always right"

    by BigOkie on Tue Oct 16, 2012 at 04:58:00 AM PDT

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