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View Diary: Tommy Thompson' son: "We have an opportunity to send President Obama back. . . to Kenya" (110 comments)

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  •  I have found my repub pals (5+ / 0-)

    are really softies on certain things.  The rich one wants me to know she is all about women being empowered.  The two guys want to show judicial integrity is more important than party.
    The rebel flag was more of an issue.  The guy just does what all his grey haired biker buddies do, and he didn't think of that flag as a rascist thing until I pointed it out to him.
    It was down within a couple of days.
    My paralegal, the conservative, will vote for Obama, if nothing else, for ACA, since she has ms.  Oh, and some other things she has come to like about my party.
    I try.  I try.

    •  Thx for this. If we choose our friends based on (0+ / 0-)

      their political views we further the divide and loose any ability to influence those with whom we disagree. That is the mindset that 1% wants to foster among us, to turn us against each other. The more divided we are the less likely we will work together against them.

      I know there are hard core haters who defend their worldview above all else, but they are not the whole of the group who self identify as Republican. I'm in Texas as well. My very conservative, baptist in-laws voted for Kerry and Obama, a big change for them. I have uncles who may never vote Democratic, but when anyone needs them they are there to help.

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