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View Diary: RASMUSSEN POISED FOR PHONY ‘SURGE’ (46 comments)

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  •  When Raz makes sh!t up, he does it for all (5+ / 0-)

    the world to see - or for those who care to see. By "adjusting" his assumptions about the composition of the electorate - to favor the Pubbies even more, natch. That's a manipulation, and it's done for a purpose, but it's not hidden - it's glaringly obvious from the cross tabs. So it doesn't have the effect you suggest - other pollsters would not get nervous etc. On the other hand what you are suggesting is that Raz actually lies about the data his folks collected. Now that's serious sh!t. Any pollster who gets caught with fabricating data is quite simply going to go out of business. And believe me, if a pollster reports a mysterious surge that can't be explained through the cross tabs and nobody else reports the surge, a lot of people start asking questions.

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