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  •  Gary Johnson (2+ / 0-)
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    Beetwasher, KJB Oregon

    is on the ballot on every state but Michigan and Oklahoma.

    Do any national polls account for him? I realize his support will be less than the margin of error, but for him to get 1% of the vote nationally would be a big win for the President.

    For him to get 1-2% In Florida, Ohio or Virginia would be HUGE. Are there any state polls that include him?

    Does anybody think he can do better than those percentages?

    Does it benefit Obama that he is being ignored (i.e. if he's included in news stories it may help Romney enthusiasm or force them to do even more to get Johnson supporters to switch)? Does it harm Obama that he is being ignored?

    I'm certain that if Johnson gets 2%, maybe 25% of those would not have voted without him? Another 25% of those may have gone Obama and the other 50% taken away from Romney?  I'm pulling those numbers out my butt, but to take a 2:1 vote advantage because of Johnson would be fantastic.

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