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View Diary: Marathon Man: Paul Ryan washes clean dishes in soup kitchen photo op (204 comments)

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  •  "You get calluses on your fingers" (0+ / 0-)

    Oh - it hurts your fingers, this hot Hobart? Remarkable tale--remarkable, strange & quaint. And American: these calluses are themselves a somatic form of good old American industriousness...

    This is but one of a good hundred reasons why to despise/distrust/disdain these wealthy, venal right-wing bastards: their fetishistic return to ground-level, arduous, worthless life experiences, things they themselves would never really hold as valuable or memorable. For all their pioneer-era atavism and their prattling over fake-antique principles of individual liberty, you would never, ever imagine that they inhabit the 21st-century high-flying world of large well-outfitted homes, luxury cars, opulent private clubs & hotels, staffs & servants and so on. Ryan makes me pine for a more honestly effete twit like e.g. David Brooks, a man-child who speaks openly about the interests of his blinkered class (while the rest of us look on bemused, like Art Linkletter).

    A tale of hard physical work, the Hobart stinging your fingertips, is a cautionary tale for the likes of Ryan. (And not at all for Romney: why would he have even ever touched a dirty plate??)

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