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View Diary: Sensata: Mitt Romney profits as Bain sends American jobs to China (56 comments)

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    I have talked about, donated to and helped out in all of the Democratic races since then. I am an old NamVet who never gives up. I am extremely disappointed in the weakness of those who are involved in the day to day endeavors of reelecting President Obama. They are afraid to call out the lies of romney and his multi billionaire backers. TO THOSE INVOLVED, WHETHER IT BE BE IN PRINT OR TELEVISED NEWS, GROW SOME BALLS. CALL ROMNEY TO HIS FACE WHAT HE IS. A F'N LIAR. FORGET ABOUT WHAT THE CHICKEN** NEWS MEDIA SAYS. PUT UP THE FACTS AND CALL ON THEM TO ARGUE THEM . I CHALLENGE THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN, INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT TO DO THIS. If they do not, the surveys I have taken in my own county will prove the Democratic party as weak. I interviewed 110 in my county, some were old friends, and sixty said, basically, they were voting for the white man. I am pissed about romney being so close in this race. Obama is black. He is an American citizen. So was the one who saved my life in Nam.It is time to call these racist bas+++++ what they are.

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