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    Most who call themselves conservatives are liberals of the worst kind. Reagan nearly tripled the National Debt from .930 Trillion on 12/31/1980 to 2.684 Trillion on 12/31/1988 (see, enlarged the federal government from 2,865,000 in 1981 to 3,112,000 in 1988 a 247,000 increase in civilian personnel (see it is true that in Reagan’s first couple of years the federal government shrank, I dare say because of the recession, not because of his policies, if one calculates the growth of the federal government from its low during the Reagan years, the growth is 264,000 persons. Reagan increased the active duty military personnel form 2,083,000 in 1981 to 2,138,000 in 1988, a 55,000 person increase (see and ). Adding the civilian personnel to the active duty military personnel added under Reagan is a growth of the federal government under Reagan of 318,000 people, hardly a shrinking of government under the president who was a self-professed conservative. Rick Norlund

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