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View Diary: Tommy Thompson's son goes birther in Senate race (37 comments)

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  •  reality isn't the problem (3+ / 0-)
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    but we know the Wis GOP doesn't limit itself to that.  According to them, if you are from Madison you are a god hating, dope smoking, hippie that wants to raise your taxes, take away your guns and turn everyone gay.   Thompson used similar tactics up state in the past when stumping for Gov, but would act the moderate when in Madison and Milwaukee.  Being that Tammy represented Madison, I felt that was too easy of a target.  However, attempts so far seem to have come off as "so what."

    I saw a pro-Baldwin add yesterday that I thought was very effective.  It blamed Thompson for restricting Medicare's ability to negotiate prices for prescription medications.  It pointed out that Medicare pays 4 times more for some medications than the VA which is allowed to negotiate.

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