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View Diary: Virginia School denies FLOTUS visit to elementary school (58 comments)

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  •  Look at the policy in relation to your link (1+ / 0-)
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    The Richmond Paper described the policy as follows:

    "If a political campaign were to inquire about the use of a school facility during the school day, the campaign would be referred to a School Board Policy 6100, which prohibits the use of school facilities during the school day for political purposes," Bullis wrote.
    This policy does not prohibit the use of school facilities for political purposes AFTER the school day, when the teachers and students are no longer required to be there. Many school systems make their facilities available AFTER the school day for groups to hold meetings and events.  And, if a taxpayer funded facility like a school system makes its facilities available to community groups, the First Amendment means that they can't pick and choose between groups based on the political views of those groups -- all groups, like Tea Party or PETA or FLAG or any other group has to be treated the same based on the same non-content criteria (like charged the same fee if a fee is charged).  

    Your link says that a group held a meeting at school facilities after school hours.  Presumably, had the Obama campaign requested to use the facilities AFTER school hours for some event, the request would not have been denied, and they would have been treated like any other group using the facility after hours.  

    The policy prohibits political events during the school day, when the teachers and kids are captive.  It's a good policy.  You, if you were a teacher, would not want to be forced to attend a campaign  event for GWB (presumably, you could be forced to attend a non-political visit by the President -- one that is done by the White House, not a re-election campaign).  You would not want your children to be herded into a GWB campaign event.  Because this is a taxpayer-funded facility, it can't let one political party have campaign events there and not the other, so it simply prohibits all political events (including campaign events, which are by their very nature political) during the school day.  If there are events after school hours, teachers and kids are free to attend voluntarily if they choose.  

    It's a good policy.  

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