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View Diary: Republicans lose the fight to keep their Nader, Gary Johnson, off the ballot (305 comments)

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  •  Yes, in Colorado and NM Johnson might eat (1+ / 0-)
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    into Obama's lead.

    In other regions, who knows? He could be an outlet for moderate Republicans disgusted with Romney, for Ron Paulniks, but also for some independents and moderate Dems.

    One thing to watch for is the disgusting concern-trolling by Libertarian pundits masquerading as anti-war progressives, in order to suppress the anti-war Democratic vote.

    This type of crap has been making the rounds in anti-war circles. The axe to grind is Obama's drone policy (which I oppose, but which unfortunately would be about 117th on my priorities list for this Presidential election).

    Needless to say, if there ever was a chance for Libertarian Johnson to become President, I would be rather shocked if he pursued policies that are even a teeny bit more "anti-war" than Obama's.

    It's all just a partisan game, and it's a shame some progressives are falling for it. The concern trolls don't like Obama anyway, both for partisan Libertarian reasons, and some of them for dog-whistle racist reasons. But some people's anti-war conscience might be very vulnerable to this trolling.

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