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View Diary: Republicans lose the fight to keep their Nader, Gary Johnson, off the ballot (305 comments)

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  •  I advocate a progressive-populist alliance (1+ / 0-)
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    Based on economics, with the Midwestern populist who has a progressive economic outlook but is scattered across the spectrum on social issues as the model.  The DLC sought to move towards the center on economic issues. That was a mistake.  I believe Democrats should hold firm on a pro-union, pro-Keynsian economic point of view and be more willing to compromise instead on social issues in such a way that it would be fair to say that my biggest ideological enemies are libertarians.

    •  if you win libertarians over with social issues (0+ / 0-)

      like ending the war on pot, reining in brutal police departments, and not maintaining a massive and expensive global empire of bases and drone strikes, you don;t have to concede anything to their ridiculous economic agenda.

      and to be clear, by "libertarians" here, i am not saying members of the libertarian party, who are for the most part unwinnable voters, but rather the much broader libertarian-minded chunk of the populace, which tends to be the swing voters out west, who are especially antagonistic to the war on drugs and permanent war abroad.

      the trend nationally is away from social conservatism and conservative religiosity, it would be a poor strategy to win over the swing voters of decades past instead of focusing on building a majority for the future.

      FWIW, i'm all for populist economics, i just don't think wooing social conservatives is the way to build a majority ruling coalition off it.

      •  I just don't like libertarians (0+ / 0-)

        I have a very basic philosophical opposition to their beliefs on the nature and importance of the individual.

        •  i don't disagree about big-L libertarians (0+ / 0-)

          but there are a ton of people who aren't doctrinaire randians who are well left of the democratic party when it comes to civil liberties and the encroaching police state and just being left the hell alone when they're not hurting anyone, and who are culturally fairly live and let live, that democrats turn off by trying to appeal to these conservative midwestern and southern social conservatives.

          the ones who hate the idea of paying taxes more than anything are admittedly not compatible with core values of ours, but there are a significant % who lean libertarian mostly on cultural and social issues , especially out west.

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