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View Diary: Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll: Romney's best numbers of the week (370 comments)

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  •  This makes me sick to my stomach (5+ / 0-)

    The President has to knock out Romney tonight It cannot be a draw. And the President has to do it and personalize. What has bothered me since the first debate is how quickly the President's lead evaproated. What it told me was his support had always been thin and people WANTED to vote against him. If Romney wins, it will be because voters WANTED to defeat the President, for whatever reason it was. I was don't panic the last election in 2008; I thought the President was going to win even when things looked seriously bad. But, if he doesn't rise to the occassion tonight, it may be too late. There is no option here. He MUST bring his "A" game, and must destroy Romney. This is is his LAST chance. If he can't do this, he'll walk away from the Presidency wealthy, he and Michelle and his kids will be set for life, but those of us left behind will have to bear the brunt of this. His tendancy to want to compromise, to see himself as the great conciliator may result in ushering in a period in History that Historians will compose tomes of Scholarly literature for generationst to come. Worse, if the President losses, the rest of the world will be drawn into this madness. THESE ARE the stakes tonight. It comes down to it. Come on Mr. President, do it tonight. You have NO choice, and excuses. Deliver.

    •  Exactly (3+ / 0-)
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      Obama will be just fine...but the rest of us?

    •  My heart is on the ground... (5+ / 0-)

      I've been coming here lately b/c there's no place else to go, other than maybe the NYT comments sections, to retain any faith at all in the American people. My husband and I are Progressives in Walkerstan and our lives (he's a teacher) were negatively and probably permanently affected by what happened here, but we'll be OK, I thought. Until now.
      I don't know how to BE right now facing the increasingly real possibilty that our country, and the world, as acramer says, will be headed into a Dark Ages or worse. I cannot fathom the mindset of voters who, if they are NOT merely Obama-Deranged reactionaries, honestly don't know or don't care about the radical, hateful policies their lives will be changed by if they put R/R into office...
      I am still in shock over what Pres. Obama threw away 2 weeks ago. I am one of those who think we were looking at another so-called "Wave Election" wherein the Republican agenda as has been revealed since 2010:obstructionist, treasonous, misogynist and in thrall to a cabal of billionaires, would be soundly rejected.
      Don't jump all over me for pessimism and fear.  In the past 2 years we lost both my mother and father and had a major house fire and also lost our pride in Wisconsin and faith in the fundamental fairness of our democratic system. I'm terrified.

    •  you're right, acramer (0+ / 0-)

      all you write is spot on.

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