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  •  My FP - OFA (17+ / 0-)

    I don't know about other areas, but the most common complaint lately is "This is not the 2008 OFA."  I've been going through lists before we canvass and finding that we can eliminate more than half the houses because the people have already been called and have expressed support for Obama.  I started going through call lists and found repeated calls to the same person with the response "Wrong number."  And the same wrong number appears on the new list.  Or they've been called repeatedly and have repeatedly supported Obama.  Then the paid staff dictates to the volunteers - you have to do this many calls, get the data entered within 24 hours, etc.  They told the local OFA director (volunteer) that she had to open her home as a staging area for four days before the election.
    We've had so many people complaining that we have called them repeatedly, and we've asked the staff to take their names off the list - we're tired of being yelled at.  The response we get - it doesn't matter - we have scientific proof that this works.  People have quit volunteering because of the treatment we're getting.  

    So, that's my rant.  I don't know what happened to No Drama Obama, but the campaign here is a mess.  People quitting, not speaking, swearing at each other, and no one listens to anyone else.  I can't wait for this election to be over.

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