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  •  A few random toughts (2+ / 0-)

    I saw the picture this morning and thought, Wow waht a jerk.

    I saw the video and he is beyond jerk.

    He tied the apron in the back, do ya think he wondered why the ties were so long?  They wasted, yes wasted, 5 clean aprons just for the photo shoot.

    He took a very clean pan, poured the detergent on his scrubby pad, a little too much detergent really.  Then he swiped it around the bottom and made an elaborate show of rinsing the pan.  Problem is...he did not rinse that pan well.

    His family was milling about doing what?  They were going to dry maybe?  Sure let's introduce some of my towel germs into this pan so we will look like we helped.  I'm guessing the REAL volunteers had to go back over his work.

    Towards the end he is scrubbing the outside of a pan, like he is removing a spot.  What an insult.  So the pans were not clean enough for you?  

    The Romney/Ryan campaign is one big marketing scheme.  The only thing missing is the Shamwow guy.

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