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  •  I laugh at these voters but... (4+ / 0-)

    ...then I consider the Portland Oregon mayoral race, and I've been an undecided voter for months.  

    On the one hand Jefferson Smith is a populist, but clearly has some problems in his personal life, past and present.   Charlie Hales is the establishment guy for the liberalish Portland establishment, but walked away from the city council and chose to live out of state.

    I'm sure to their advocates I must look like an idiot.  But I just don't know what the right thing to do in this election is.   I guess I'm leaning toward Hales because of the problems, or dirt(?) on Smith, after being slightly in favor of Smith.

    Now, my excuse is that they are all basically liberal democrats, more or less, and ANY fool could tell the difference between Romney and Obama.  

    I have friends pulling for both Smith and Hale.   I imagine undecided voters are surrounded by people who prefer both candidates, and can't really use the question of which one their friends like to sort it out.

    Anyway, I am an undecided voter in the Portland mayoral election, and just like these national undecideds, my predominant feeling is that neither candidate is terrible, but neither is great... it's just kind of a meh-ness of a meh-ness.  

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