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View Diary: If Obama Loses, Will MSNBC Spin It? (47 comments)

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    two viewpoints as diametrically opposed as those espoused by Romney and Obama, the idea that a debate should make a whiff of difference is, in and of itself, enough to make me think that this whole experiment called America is in serious trouble.

    Undecideds? In THIS election? /facepalm

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      But the media messaging or propaganda truly influences people.  Folks will fall for a big lie told with partial truths rather than the truth told with charts and figures. They will also concur with negative criticism coming from supporters of any candidate.  If Liberals do not like their candidate, why should they like the candidate.  That's why Reagan always said that Republicans should never speak disparagingly of other Republicans.  Thats why the GOP supports the vilest of candidates...Akin.  That's why folks like Rush Limbaugh have totally captured the GOP and the south.  

      The GOP focuses on the win by any means even if it destroys this country.  The Dems focuses on process, logic, and fairness more.  This is noble and we should still focus on those things.  However to achieve our long term goals we need to focus on the outcome rather than output. We need to support our candidate win or lose the debate.

      I believe Liberals/Progressives need to look at winning the war...not just the battle.  

      Oracle2021: Reality according to Mitt Romney "Why tell the truth when a lie will suffice...the bigger the lie the bigger the pay off"

      by Oracle2021 on Tue Oct 16, 2012 at 08:35:16 AM PDT

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