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View Diary: Lose Weight by Eating MORE?? (133 comments)

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  •  Sounds counter-intuitive but it's actually true (10+ / 0-)

    My wife is diabetic. She has lost weight since she was diagnosed. Why? She only used to eat twice a day and now she eats four to five times a day. Six is ideal, but I'll take four over two times a day.

    Also what you eat matters. The most important thing to track as a diabetic is the carbs. Fat free or low fat are red herrings. If you have high cholesterol or other issues, you may want to monitor your fat consumption but carbs are key. And not all carbs are created equal. Better to eat whole grains which are slower, longer active carbs than white carbs. Also be aware that sugar is everywhere, including in many foods you wouldn't ordinarily suspect.

    •  "Whole grains" is misleading. (1+ / 0-)
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      The secret for Type II diabetics is slow carbs. The longer they take to digest, and the smaller the portions you eat in a meal, the better.

      I get that from rice. But if the rice were ground into rice flour, it would digest faster. That would spike my sugar.

      I'll say that different "Type II" diabetics react differently to foods. It is probably a whole family of diseases clumped together because the results -- high blood glucose -- is the same. Just like Type I and Type II are both "diabetes."

      I've seen reports from Type IIs I trust that they can't eat rice without spiking.

      Trust your meter

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