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  •  They were throwing around so (1+ / 0-)
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    much money and attention during that recall that they could waste plenty. Barrett never had any chance really, in hindsight, given how against the recall the media in the state was and how damned determined Republican interests were to protect Walker.

    "Once, many, many years ago I thought I was wrong. Of course it turned out I had been right all along. But I was wrong to have thought I was wrong." -John Foster Dulles. My Political Compass Score: -4.00, -3.69, Proud member of DKE

    by ArkDem14 on Tue Oct 16, 2012 at 10:21:29 AM PDT

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    •  I'm not (0+ / 0-)

      Under any illusion that I really hurt there bottom line in any way. I just thought it was a humorous anecdote in this conversation about campaigns' targeting or lack thereof.

      I don't think it was just the media that was against the recall. I think the public was against it as well. This is going to be a very unpopular position around here, but I'm not sure I was totally in favor of recalling him. I didn't sign a recall petition, although I was never offered the opportunity to do so and had I been I honestly don't know what I would've done. I voted for Barrett not because I was strongly in favor of recalling Walker but because I thought Walker was/is a shitty governor.

      •  The public came to oppose the recall (2+ / 0-)
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        MichaelNY, ArkDem14

        because Republicans spent tens of millions defining it in a negative light and the media essentially played along with the Republican narrative. If you look at polls from the first half of 2011, there was a clear majority in favor of recall.

        •  Those polls (2+ / 0-)
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          MichaelNY, ArkDem14

          Were an instant reaction to Walker's actions. They were always going to go down. Plus, its not like support for the recall tracked completely with Walker's vote total. The exit polls showed that 70% of voters were opposed to the recall. That means at least a third of Barrett's voters opposed the recall.

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