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  •  Most people don't know that our food (1+ / 0-)
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    (or that the main staples) is genetically modified. Most people don't have any clue as to what is happening agriculturally anymore.

    What the biotec companies don't want is for the food to be labeled. If the food has a label explicitly stating that it is genetically modified, people will begin to ask questions. And that is where the trouble lies. As long as most people continue to buy their big fat lie that genetic modification is the only way we will feed a growing population, then the companies are safe.

    But as soon as someone visits Google and begins reading about genetic modification, they will soon find that most of the claims are bogus. They will hear all the evidence against genetic modification. One might begin to wonder: Why does the EU ban commercial application of genetic modification on their continent? (While still allowing imports of genetic modified feed, which is something many Europeans don't know about). How could over 100,000 Indian farmers commit suicide after their miracle seeds failed and forced them into bankruptcy (and not have our media explain why?)?

    If they dig deep enough, they will expose the number one lie put forth by the genetic modification companies and learn that we do not need genetic modification to feed the world. Genetic modification has almost no place in regenerative agriculture (agroecology) because genetic modification seeks to solve problems created by industrial agriculture's techniques. When farmers, horticulturalists, silviculturalists, and pastoralists change their behaviors- when they change their techniques- the problems facing modern agriculture as well as land degradation go away or reverse. See the documentaries in my diary for techniques that work everywhere.

    Techniques that cannot be copyrighted, techniques that do not require people to go into high levels of debt, techniques that build natural capital, restore hydrological cycles, restore forests, clean the air, recycle fertility, increase biodiversity for the benefit of all, increase the ability for local people to engage in secondary production through the increase in regenerative (beyond sustainable) harvests of the primary kind... these are the things that will be the death knell for an industry whose products only serve to continue the immensely destructive practices of modern industrial agriculture.

    As I said in the diary, parts of the UN are beginning to acknowledge this reality:

    Small-scale farmers can double food production in a decade by using simple ecological methods, according to the findings of a new United Nations study released today, which calls for a fundamental shift towards agroecology as a poverty alleviation measure.
    The first step to awareness is a label that wakes people up to the scale of GMOs in the food we eat. If California requires a label, others will demand a label. Then people will wonder why.

    And when they wonder why, well... the rest will be history.

    A Victory Garden documents my family's experience transitioning from suburban lawn to edible food forest based on permaculture principles. A new blog following my life as an immigrant in Finland will be up soon.

    by FinchJ on Wed Oct 17, 2012 at 06:46:59 AM PDT

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