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View Diary: Mitt To Tell Obama To "Man Up" On Libya Tonight (51 comments)

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  •  why would Obama have to man up (15+ / 0-)

    I would think that Mitt has a lot more to man up about than Obama in terms of justifying himself to the American people.

    Bush never manned up about the original 9/11.

    Romney has never manned up about his tax plan, his jobs plans, his own tax returns, an violent episode against a classmate because his hair wasn't just the right length, offshoring American jobs, or his glee to celebrate the deaths of Americans and every other bad thing that happens to Americans, be it bad jobs numbers or closure of another business (even when he profits)  because he thinks it will get him votes.

    It is childish school yard shit, but what else can you expect from Mitt.  He's still a bully boy at the private school and I doubt he will ever emotionally mature past 16.

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