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View Diary: Troubles pile up for Rush - favorite sponsor Angie's List faces a serious legal challenge (18 comments)

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  •  Doesn't matter which libs and cons they sponsor (3+ / 0-)
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    Mrs M, Richard Myers, Larsstephens

    This is not about whether they sponsor liberal programming or conservative programming, and I think it's a huge mistake even to hint that it is.

    This is America, and RL has a right to his conservatism just as Stephanie Miller has a right to her liberalism. And all points of view across the political spectrum should be on the public airwaves.

    What shouldn't be on the public airwaves is misogyny, whether it comes out of the mouth of RL or Maher or whomever. Ditto for racism and homophobia.

    I, for one, want to be very clear: I canceled  my Angie's List subscription because they sponsor misogyny. The fact that the misogyny took place on a conservative talk show is 100% irrelevant to me.

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